Credit Sweeps

What Is A Credit Sweep?

Using the Fair Credit Reporting Act, our Credit Sweep services challenge and dispute all of the negative items on your credit report. If any of the items are outdated, incorrect, or have insufficient documentation, they must be removed. Nearly 80% of all credit reports have errors on them as a result of our flawed, outdated, and inefficient credit system we have today. This makes it quite easy for us to dispute items and get them removed!

What Items Can You Remove?

While some items are trickier than others, we can potentially remove any negative items on your report. This includes late payments, delinquencies, re-po’s, foreclosures, evictions, and even bankruptcies!

  • Credit Sweep
    • Challenge Every Negative Item On Report
    • Multiple Rounds Of Disputes
    • Direct Relationship With Both Creditors & Bureaus
    • Frequent Updates and Reports
    • Fastest Credit Sweep In The Industry
    • Average 50-90% Removal Of Negatives
    • All Inclusive (We Don't Charge Extra For Difficult Items, Like Most Companies)
    • Guaranteed Results- If We Are Unable To Get Results, We Refuse To Accept Your Money And Will Issue A Full Refund.

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