Our Promise to You

Here at The Credit Marketplace, we are 100% committed to serving you. We don't have any trick or gimmicks, no monthly payments, no dragging things out for months- our focus is fast and effective results. While many other tradeline and credit repair companies have vague and flexible refund policies with a bunch of finely-printed loopholes, we prefer to be upfront and simple. For all of our tradeline clients, we promise the following:

- Any tradelines you purchase through us will post to your credit report. We guarantee that it will post to at least 2 bureaus, although usually all 3 bureaus will post with no issues.

- All tradelines will post to your credit report within 30 days of the reporting date. The reporting dates are listed on each of of our tradelines for your convenience.

- All tradelines are guaranteed to improve your credit score.

If any of these three conditions are not met, we agree to issue a full refund. For verification of the validity of a refund request, we ask that you give us access to one of our 3 accepted credit monitoring services: Credit Check Total, Identity IQ, and Experian.com. Please note that we do not accept Credit Karma for non-posting issues, as they tend to be quite delayed and inaccurate.

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