Authorized User Tradelines

Tradelines, or Authorized User Tradelines, are essentially just credit card accounts that you can add to your report for the purpose of increasing your credit score. We have a large network of tradelines in our program, all of which can be added to your credit report simply by becoming an authorized user on the account. Once the tradeline 'posts' to your credit report, the Age, Payment History, and High Credit Limits will all be factored into your credit score, giving your credit score a massive boost! To understand the significance of tradelines and how they can have such a dramatic effect on your credit score, let's rewind a little bit and take a look at how your credit score is calculated:

The 5 Main Components of Your Credit Score:

  • Payment History (35%)
  • Utilization (30%)
  • Age Of Accounts (15%)
  • Credit Mix (10%)
  • Inquiries (10%)

As you can see there are 5 factors which determine your credit score- however, your Utilization, Payment History, and Age of accounts together make up 80% of your score! Using tradelines, these are the three main factors which we are able to influence. When a tradeline is added to your credit report, all of the years of positive payments, the age of the account, and the credit limit will all be factored into FICO's algorithm, causing a drastic increase in your credit score almost overnight! You can think of it as 'copying and pasting' someone else's credit account onto your own report.

For example, let’s say that one of our cardholders has a 10-year-old Chase credit card with perfect payment history and a $20,000 limit. This card is listed on our website, and has an Authorized User spot available. One of our clients, Mark, is looking to increase his credit score before applying for a mortgage, and he knows that his credit score will have a huge effect on the interest over the coming years. For simplicity, let’s say that Mark only has one credit card, which is 2 years old and has a limit of $5,000. Mark decides to purchase a spot as an Authorized User on this Chase card. Once Mark has been added as an Authorized User to this Chase account, all of the information of the purchased card will appear Mark’s credit report as if it were his own!

This means that Marks new credit limit shows as $25,000 (His original limit + the Chase card’s limit), and his credit age has averaged out between the two cards at 6 years of perfect credit history. With Mark’s incredible new credit score, he has the ability to qualify for a much lower rate on his mortgage, saving him tens of thousands of dollars! However, Mark understands that he can use his new score for much more than just a better mortgage rate. Mark is now able to qualify for credit he never would have even considered before, giving him access to lower interest rates, better credit cards, and ultimately more control over his financial future.

What Is A Tradeline?

Generally, a tradeline is simply a line of credit that shows on your credit report. In the context of us and the service we provide, a tradeline is a credit card, who’s owner has agreed to add clients to for the purpose of boosting their credit score! All of the tradelines you see on our website are owned by our approved cardholders and are ready to go to work on your credit.

What Can A Tradeline Do For My Credit?

By becoming an authorized user on a tradeline, you are essentially copying and pasting the positive history and high limits from the card you purchase, onto your credit report.

For example, if you purchased a tradeline with 10 years of credit age and a $15,000 limit, those numbers would show up directly onto your credit report, likely causing a massive score increase.

How Long Will It Take For A Tradeline To Show Up On My Credit Report?

Most tradelines will post within 2-3 weeks of your purchase, but this timeframe can vary depending on when you purchase your tradeline, and when the tradeline is set to report. It is possible to get a tradeline on your report in as little as a week! Bottom line, we guarantee that the tradeline you purchase will post to your account within 30 days of the reporting date (we list the reporting date on every card, for your convenience). If the tradeline does not post within this 30 day time-frame, you will be issued a full refund.

To calculate when a tradeline will post to your account, simply look at the reporting date listed, and assume it will show sometime between 14-30 days after that date. This reporting date is basically just the day when the bank takes all of the information from the previous month and submits it to the credit bureaus, so they can update everybody’s credit reports with new information. This information includes items such as the payments you made, your utilization, new credit cards, and, of course, Authorized Users. The banks do this on the same day each month, and the reporting date can be different for each individual credit card.

Another important thing to note is that we require our clients to purchase tradelines at least 3 days prior to it’s reporting date. This is to ensure that the tradeline makes it onto your report on the upcoming period. If you wait to purchase a tradeline until only a day or two before it reports, you will run the risk of not making it on the upcoming reporting period!

What Happens Once I’m Removed From A Tradeline?

As we mentioned in previous questions, we sell our tradelines in increments of two reporting periods, which equates to about 60 days. After two reporting periods have passed, you will be removed from the account to make room for new users. This doesn’t mean, however, that the account will be immediately removed from your credit report. In fact, many of our tradelines have remained on client’s accounts for several months after they are removed.

Even after the tradeline has ‘fallen off’ your list of active accounts, the tradeline will usually remain on your report as a closed account which is great for your credit, as it builds up and adds to your payment and credit history.

In regards to your credit score, you may see a dip after the account drops from your report, but often times your score will remain much higher than before. If you use your tradelines effectively, you should be able to reduce this drop significantly. For example, if you use your higher credit score (while the tradeline is on your account) to apply for new credit cards, take out a low-interest loan, and raise the limits on your other credit cards, you will certainly raise your credit score long-term. The idea is to use the credit boost as a means of building a solid foundation for years to come!

How Long Will A Tradeline Remain On My Credit Report?

We guarantee that you will remain an Authorized User for at least two reporting periods, which equals between 50 and 60 days. After the second reporting period, we will remove you from the card in order to add new users. While you will be removed from the account, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the tradeline will fall off of your credit report immediately- credit bureaus will usually leave the information on your account for several months, and will also usually leave some of the credit history on file permanently as a closed account. Any of these scenarios should have a positive effect on your credit score, as having the closed tradeline on file will add to your payment history and overall credit age. While we often see tradelines remain on a client’s account for months after removal, we encourage you to not count on this, as it is entirely out of our hands. This means that you should plan on only having the tradeline for two reporting periods, and to take care of business during this time frame.

If you need the tradeline on your account for longer than 2 reporting periods, we allow clients to purchase extensions for an additional fee. To do this, just contact us anytime within 20 days of your original purchase.

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