Inquiry Removal

What is an Inquiry Removal?

Essentially, we have the ability to remove all inquiries on your credit report as long as they are not associated with an active loan. For example, if you had 6 inquiries on your credit report, but one of them was from an auto loan that you are currently making payments on, we would be able to remove 5 inquiries from your report.

Are Inquiries On My Credit Report Bad?

While having one or two inquiries on your report won’t do too much harm, having several on your report can be detremental to your credit score and your approval odds. Even if your score is great, having an excessive amount of inquiries looks quite risky to a lender. In fact, FICO has stated that an individual with 6 or more inquiries is 8 times as likely to file for bankruptcy than a person without any inquiries. Removing inquiries will do wonders for your credit score and your overall credit worthiness.

How Long Does Your Inquiry Removal Take?

Typically our clients will see full results in only 15-30 days!

What Bureaus Can You Remove Inquiries From?

We remove inquiries from all 3 Credit Bureaus! This package is all-inclusive so we work on every inquiry you have, regardless of the reason, bank, or bureau.

  • Inquiry Removal
    • Full Results in 15-30 Days
    • Permanent Removal From All 3 Bureaus
    • Remove Up To 100 Inquiries
    • Fastest Removal Service In The Industry!

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