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Our Credit Sweep!

Due to the number/severity of negative items on your credit report, that is our first plan of attack. With our credit sweep program, we work to remove negative items permanently, so that you can you can start building your credit from the ground-up (rather than 10 feet below). Keep scrolling to learn more about our credit sweep program and why it's a perfect fit for you!

Why It Works

Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, it is your right to dispute or challenge any item on your credit report. If there is anything wrong with the item (including dates, numbers, codes, classification, insufficient proof, lack proper documentation, etc), it must be removed- even if they really happened! Surprisingly, almost 80% of the credit reports in the united states contain errors, and we are typically able to remove 50-90% of the negative items on your credit report.

Why We're The Best In The Business

Most companies in the credit repair industry structure their plans on a monthly basis. The problems with this? Well, the longer the other companies take to complete their service, the more they get paid! It's no wonder it takes them 9+ months to do what we can in 2. We charge a one-time up-front fee, and immediately go to work on your credit- providing you quick, effective, and permanent results. Our proprietary Credit Sweep software allows us to work directly with each of the 3 credit bureaus, which means no letters in the mail, no middle-man, and no time wasted on outdated methods!

Our Guarantee To You

Every credit report we work on makes improvement. Period. If we are unable to increase your credit score, we have no right to accept your money! That's right- if we are unable to improve your credit score, we will issue a full refund.

Our Simple, 3-Step Process

  • Join Credit Sweep Program

    To get started, simply fill out the Credit Sweep form, make your payment, and click submit! We handle everything else, and will give you frequent updates throughout the process.

  • Sit Back And Watch

    Watch with amazement as the negative items begin to fall off of your credit report! This process only takes between 45 and 60 days, and we are typically able to remove 50-90% of the negative items from your report!

  • Score Permanently Boosted!

    It's almost like we're giving you the opportunity to go back in time and reverse all of your credit mistakes. Join our Credit Sweep Program to stop letting negative items hold you back from your dreams!

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