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Our Inquiry Removal Service!

A person with 6 or more inquiries is 8X more likely to file for bankruptcy than a person with none. The banks are well aware of this statistic and, as you can imagine, hate inquiries- and you should too! Even once you have a great score, inquiries can be a big deal, especially if you have over 4. Due to the high number of inquiries on your credit report right now, we believe that it is smartest for us to take care of these first. Our inquiry removal service is insanely effective, and only takes around 15-30 days! Keep scrolling to learn more about why this program could be a perfect fit for you.

Why It Works

Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, it is your right to dispute or challenge any item on your credit report, including inquiries. If there is anything wrong with the item (including dates, numbers, codes, classification, insufficient proof, lack proper documentation, etc), it must be removed- even if it really happened! If the inquiry that you had added to your credit report didn't result in an account (credit card, loan, etc), then it it very difficult and time-consuming for the FTC to prove that it actually happened. Using our proprietary inquiry removal software, we are able to challenge and remove all inquiries that are not currently associated with active accounts (which is typically all/95% of them)!

Inquiries We Can Remove

We can remove every inquiry that is not associated with an active account. What do we mean by this? Let's say for example you go out and apply for a Bank of America credit card, they pull your credit (resulting in an inquiry), and you are approved. Now, we wouldn't be able to remove this inquiry due to the fact that there's plenty of proof of it being legit- you're holding the card in your hand! However, say you were to go out and apply for a Bank of America card, a Discover card, and an auto loan, and you weren't approved for any of the 3. In this scenario, we would be able to easily remove all 3 inquiries!

Why We're The Best In The Business

Bringing you the fastest inquiry removal service in the industry! Our proprietary Inquiry Removal software allows us to send challenges and disputes directly to the FTC, without having to deal with any middle-men or waiting on mail to be sent and returned. Because of this direct relationship we have, we are able to cut out a lot of the time it takes anyone else to remove inquiries, bringing you fast, effective, and permanent results!

Our Guarantee To You

Every credit report we work on makes improvement. Period. If we are unable to increase your credit score, we have no right to accept your money! That's right- if we are unable to improve your credit score, we will issue a full refund. We also guarantee that we can remove all inquiries that are not associated with an active account.

Our Simple, 3-Step Process

  • Join Inquiry Removal Program

    To get started, simply fill out the Inquiry Removal form, make your payment, and click submit! We handle everything else, and will give you frequent updates throughout the process.

  • Sit Back And Watch

    Watch with amazement as Inquiries begin to fall off of your credit report! This process only takes between 15 and 30 days.

  • Score Permanently Boosted!

    It's almost like we're giving you the opportunity to go back in time and reverse all of your credit mistakes. Join our Inquiry Removal Program and stop letting inquiries hold you back from your dreams!

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