We provide 3 main services to our clients, as shown below! If you are in search of credit repair, meanaing you need items fixed or removed from your credit report, be sure to check out our Credit Sweep and Inquiry Removal services. If you are looking to build credit and increase your credit score, visit our Tradelines page.
To learn more about any of these, click on the buttons below each box to be directed to their individual pages. You should also be sure to check out our FAQ page, or give us a call at (801) 692-7255; we'd be happy to chat any time during our business hours!

Inquiry Removal

A person with 6+ inquiries is 8x more likely to file bankruptcy than a person without any inquiries on their credit report. It’s safe to say that banks are not fans of them. Luckily, we can remove all of the inquiries from your credit report that are not associated with active accounts! See full results in 15-30 days!


By using Authorized User Tradelines, we are able to add positive history to your credit report! Many people have bad credit not because of negative items or mistakes, but simply because they don’t have much on their report. Add to your credit age, payment history, and credit limits in as little as two weeks from today!

Credit Sweeps

Through the Fair Credit Reporting Act, we are allowed to dispute every item on your credit report. If a disputed item has poor or inaccurate documentation, by law it must be removed! We are usually able to remove 50-90% of the negative items on our client’s credit reports.

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